Sworkz s35-4 / s35-4e Australian setups

On: 4 March 2022 

Sworkz s35-4 / s35-4e Australian setups

Kit Setup, We allways recommend starting here (Click Here)


South Australia

SDMCC S35-4 / S35-4E setups (Track Pictures and surface Info)


CORMCC S35-4 / S35-4E Setups (Track Pictures and surface Info)

  • ELECTRIC S35-4E CT Driver setup Proline Round 1 Rained Out (Click Here) 27/2/2022

Western Austrlia

MORBC S35-4 / S35-4E Setups (Track Pictures and Surface Info)


The Brickyard, LORRCCC (Track Pictures and Surface Info)



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